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Free UK Business Listings

UK Business Directory

We’ve developed this UK business directory to enable businesses across the country to advertise their own business, and find other reputable businesses.

Our directory is reviewed manually by us, so you can be sure that each and every business directory listing is from a genuine, UK based business. 

1. Add your Listing

Click the button above to get started. Simply fill in your business details and click submit!

2. approval by admin

We aim to approve and publish listings within  3 business days. 

3. get seen!

Get your business found by directory users and search engines. 

Why list your Uk Business?

Listing your business in reputable directories is not only good for getting your business seen by potential customers, but it also helps to increase the authority of your website with search engines. Search engines find links to your website, and use them as a kind of vote or referral when assessing website ranking. 

Which UK Business Directory?

There are many hundreds of free UK business listings directories, and it’s ok to use more than one. However, keep in mind that the quality of many business directories is poor, and they are primarily used for building links to websites; with little attention to quality or authenticity of listings. Adding your website to many business directories in bulk for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes, will generally have little effect when it comes to rankings. It’s better to select a few quality directories, ideally ones that are manually reviewed and list as much information as possible, to stand a higher chance of your website links being indexed by Google and other search engines. 

What Information should be Listed?

Put yourself in the position of a potential customer, searching for your business type. Forget about cramming listings with links, but pay attention to naturally written, useful and informative content; including a thorough description, address, contact details and social media links. 

A listing with minimal information; a title and website link, for example; will stand little chance of being indexed by Google for the purpose of ranking your website. 

How do I find a Quality UK Business Directory?

Separating the quality business directories from the poor quality or spammy sites can be challenging. Take a look at the website itself. Does it have some text content and appear to help the user with information aside from just thousands of listings? If the website just contains links to websites, the chances are customers will never see your listings and search engines will simply ignore it. 

Use a reputable business directory list to find plausible options that will help your business, rather than trawling the web for possible sites that offer free UK business listings.